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Chaye & Biryani

Can you imagine life without Chaye or Biryani? Life would not only become dull, dry but would lose all its color and meaning. Oh I am not overreacting! Once you too have the taste of a freshly brewed cup of Chaye and some spicy hot Biryani, you shall see what I am talking about. Ofcourse Chaye & Biryani have been around for decades but it is something us people cannot fathom living without.

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Basically for us Chaye and Biryani is not just a drink and a meal but rather it is an amazing opportunity to embark on a journey full of adventures and uncertain futures. Chaye and Biryani is an experience waiting to be explored. Over the years people have told countless tales and shared memories over Chaye and Biryani, which has helped form new bonds as well as strengthen the old ones.

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In the same way I decided to name my blog as “Chaye & Biryani”; a place where I can let free all the thoughts from my imagination in the form of excerpts and short messages to anyone who is listening or watching.

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24 January 2018

I’ve started a new Instagram Photo-Blog with the name “Life in Retrospection“. Its linked to this blog under the Photography Tab.

23 January 2018

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07 January 2017

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