New Year Goals #2016


So this marks the end of another year full of tons of experiences, every one of them leaving irreversible and unforgetable impacts on our personalities, continually moving and trying to shape us as better humans to live life with less expectations and more fun!


So after spending a lot of time contemplating what my 2016 should be like, I have come up with the following few goals that I’d like to accompolish.

– To Learn French and German. Already being a bi-lingual, now i want to be a quad-lingual :D.
– Restart my Blog and Post an Article Every Week.
– Learn to Love More People despite their Flaws and Mistakes
– Continue to Forget & Forgive Everyone who had ever wronged me in anyway.
– Take a Risk
– Travel More
– Meet More Strangers
– Try Something New Every Month
– Reflect Myself Every Night and think about what Have I Done Today for others and for the Society?

New Year Goals 01

Oh and the bucket list continues to grow with the things I need, I want and I wish to do and have before I hit the bucket!

New Year Goals 02

2015 was good. Hoping for an even awsomer 2016 😀