What Shapes Us?


How do we define if someone is evil? What makes someone evil? What makes someone so bad and hateful for other people?


People are not naturally evil or bad. No one is evil. No one is bad. We are all the same. Its just the society that defines who we are.


It is our experiences that shape us into who be come into being. It is the situations and the environments that have an impact on our personalities that make us do things.


Things we wish we hadn’t and things we wish had done sooner. Risks we should have taken and leaps we should have done. People we should have talked to earlier and people we wish we would have never met in our lives


It is these experiences that shape us. If someone is bad with you is because someone was bad with him and now he thinks that’s the way he should be if he has any hope for survival in the world.


If someone is good with you, maybe no one has ever been bad with him. Or maybe he has seen enough bad people and strives to be the glimmer of hope in a cruel dark world.


If someone used you, then maybe that is what happened with them and now they seek revenge on the world. If someone lifted you higher, then maybe they saw something in you, maybe they saw that you were a better person on the inside and deserved better than you had.


If someone brought tears to your eyes, then maybe they never felt what you were going through. If someone brings warmth and joy then maybe they felt as horrible as you and want to make you feel better.


Life is complicated. Life is weird. People are crazy. Experiences change us. We planned something else and realized that life never goes according to plan.


Go sit in the sunshine with your yellow paper books and brown coffee mugs. Go Enjoy the Autumn Breeze or the Spring Flowers Bloom. Life is too damn short. Live. Forgive and Forget. Strive to be the best you can be for the world. Because that’s the least you can do for the world. Cant you?