Short -2

Destiny wanted them to know that each other existed and that is just about it. It never wanted them to meet or get to know each other. Even this knowing is a huge privilege that is granted to these two, especially when there was a complex infinite possibility of any two random people noticing , it was these two who got the opportunity to notice with such intricate detail, yet it wasnt enough to spark interest.

Life works in mysterious ways.

Maybe that’s not the way the story goes. Maybe there is more to the hidden smiles and the secret stares they both catch hoping the other does not notice. They both wish for the past to be undone yet neither wants the feeling back. Its a mix of euphoria and depression. What a terrible fate for something so beautiful. Maybe that’s why it was never meant to be.

The heart is a treacherous organ.

Something to live for? Something to die for? What good is your life if all you want is happiness. Destiny awaits as it brings you hope for the better future, hope for the unforeseeable circumstances, hope for the uncertainties in your life.