# 4 – Mechanical Humans

Sometimes, I find it extremely frustrating that despite everything our bodies are inherently like machines. We need maintenance, we need energy, we need rest and we need a proper usage of our bodies. There exist certain limits and certain dependencies without which we cease to function. We tend to breakdown when we don’t stay in a favorable environment for long. Quite often I have found myself to be in a state where my mind can work further but it is seriously limited by my body.What if in the future we successfully attempt to create better human bodies? Bodies that do not require sleep or energy as we do. Bodies who can work under extreme stressful environments with much more perfection and efficiency. Humans are capable of doing glorious, phenomenal things. Fewer achieve this because only they have understood ways to maximize their outputs by structuring and orienting their lifestyle in a certain way.

Imagine a future where you won’t get tired, you won’t need to rest until absolutely necessary, you can concentrate and get work done, you can memorize whatever you wish, you can get out of tough spots in life with ease, control your body and unleash the true potential of your mind. We shall move beyond the existing state and probably evolve into something better.

Humans are capable of doing glorious, phenomenal things.

Obviously a machine can perform complex computations within a fraction of second, but for you see it was the human mind that developed those machines to surpass the limits of our mind. But we have not yet been able to develop something as beautifully complex as our mind. A human mind can dream, create works of art, generate ideas out of nowhere and the most important; it can have a conscience.

Leonardo Da Vinci Artwork Human Anatomy
Source: http://www.leonardodavinci.net/