# 2 – Waking Up in the woods.

Listen to these while reading:

I wake up in a medium sized room. I find myself standing in-front of a king-sized bed. There are huge glass windows right next to it. The bed has beautiful traditional bed-sheets and bed covers. The weather feels like winters but the warm and bright sunlight is making its way in the room through the windows, on the bed and the floor. I have just noticed that the floor is carpeted with Persian/Afghan rugs, colorful and beautifully made. I am barefooted. My feet are touching the soft rugs. My nose smells this faint but lovely smell. Almost like vanilla and flowers and morning dew.

The bed has two side-tables with night lamps. I put my backpack on the bed and move towards the window to see the amazing and breathtaking view outside. Clear blue skies without a trace of cloud, lush green mountains and a beautiful flowery valley.

I can hear faint sound of few people. Probably old men. Talking. Or enjoying their cup of coffee. I would love some coffee myself. The weather is nice too. So is the environment. I head outside the room to find myself in a lobby. There are elegant pieces of furniture that look nothing less than works of art. I move to the main counter and I see two young beautiful women, dressed in uniform. Both of them are working on their computers. I take a look around the counter. I see folded cards with a foreign language written in them. Could it be? Yes, the cards are scented. An amazing scent fills the air as I open up the greeting card. Next to the stack of cards is a small scented candle. I see a creative wooden shelf with many compartments. I move past the counter and I can see the dining hall and the main lounge. I see some seating furniture placed there. I can smell eggs and coffee. I start to think about what should I do.

My mind tells me that it took me around 4 or 5 hours to reach this place. And its not the end rather its a stop I’ve taken to rest as I’ve to travel even further. I walk towards the entrance door which is just a wooden frame that opens into a small gravel and sand path. The path connects outside to a makeshift road of dirt and stone. There is no one and nothing around for miles.

I return back inside. I notice a picture album placed near the counter. I open it up and see pictures of beautiful men and women being extremely happy. I turn around and move towards the pieces of furniture that i originally thought were pieces of art. I touch them with my fingers and try to feel them. I think it will be nice to bring out a chair in the sunlight and sit and read something. To relax and enjoy the day while it is still here.

But I am confused. I am conflicted. There is doubt inside of me. I wonder should i continue my journey or should I stay here for a little more time. The place seems extremely tempting. I want to stay but I don’t think I should. I’m back in my room. I notice there is no electricity yet there are electrical appliances. I am now wearing my trekking shoes and jeans. The thoughts are still racing in my mind. It appears I have someone to return to. Someone back home. Someone I love and care for.

“Wakes up to the sound of my vibrating cell phone and checks the time. Its 4:30pm”