#1- Drowning

The faint sound of two people, probably talking at a distance. The more I concentrate the louder and clearer it becomes. I realize that I am asleep and I try to open up my eyes. I am still dizzy from the sleep and thus unable to understand who they are or where I am. I rub my eyes as I start to get the stinging feeling of a headache. I quickly realize that I am in the back seat of a small car and it is moving. There is a driver and someone in the passenger seat. On my left side there is huge backpack loaded with supplies and canned food.

Shot of desert mountains with roadway and flowing river / Wyoming, United States
Shot of desert mountains, roadway & flowing river / Wyoming, United States

I take it as a camping trip with my friends. We are passing through a completely deserted area. There is no one to see for miles. The road is made up of gravel and sand. The weather is nice and its cloudy. I am unable to the see the sun. I notice that my two friends are still arguing with each other and the driver has actually sped up the car.

It is certain. All of us will die.

I look out to my right and I notice we are in an elevated desert type area with barren mountains and a few shrubs alongside the road. I tell the driver to slow down the car else we shall tumble to our deaths. He jokes about it and maintains his speed. I notice a S-curve approaching. At the back of my mind, I get a feeling that the car will slip and fall off the edge. As we are turning on the S-curve I see that there is a huge bridge that is connecting our side with the other one, and that there is a clear blue river deep below.

The S-curve is almost over when suddenly the driver instead of turning right makes a left turn. I am unable to understand why he did that. Maybe he lost control of the car. The car jumps off the side of the road. But there is hope. I see that there is a small patch of land and between the patch and the road there is a deep drop into the same river. We miss the patch of land by a few inches and we begin the descend to our deaths. It is certain. All of us will die. I notice myself floating as we are free falling. The friend on the passenger seat is unconscious. The driver still has his hands on the steering wheel, gripped firmly. Just as we are about to hit the water, involuntarily I let out a small gasp.


We are sinking. Water coming in from everywhere and filling up fast. What shall I do? Shall I open up the door and try to swim to the surface? But I know I cannot swim. Would opening the door bring a speedy death than dying inside the car? When the car hit the water, I felt as if the time has slowed down. I hear the sound of water gushing in from all directions.

B&W Photography by Janetort24 on Pinterest

My eyes are open. I am staring into the darkness. I am still hearing the sound of water, the sound of a big splash and the sound of sinking. I feel my heart pounding on my chest. I realize that I am awake but I can still feel as if i am sinking and I can still hear the sound of the water. The sound is soon replaced by the ticking of the clock on my bedside.