#7- Always Wanted

You know I have always loved rain. Not the thunderstorm but simple light rain with no winds gushing and no other sound to be heard other than the trickling and dripping of water. This kind of weather helps me relax, to calm my nerves, to think and to be at peace with myself. I could sit in the porch or near a window and watch it rain for hours without ever getting bored. Rain helps me sleep too! I even have an app on my phone that plays the sounds of rain and I use it to fall asleep.

Today I learnt a new word.  “Pluviophile”.

Source: Google
Source: Google

Now i finally know and have a word to describe this feeling. Now I know what I must ask others to find out if they are just as crazy about rain as me. Another bit of something that can help me connect and reach out to someone, wherever they may be in the world.

Rain Gif Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

The last two days were rainy days. It was beyond amazing. It was just the way I liked it

What I realized is that the moments do not come to you rather you have to create them on your own.

I always wanted to have a cup of tea in my car parked in the middle of nowhere while it rained. I finally got to do that yesterday. Life is made up of small moments; living them helps us cherish life and find happiness. What I realized is that the moments do not come to you rather you have to create them on your own. Its very simple actually: all you need to do is to use your creativity and the power of what-ifs. It does not have to be something extravagant. It can be as simple as sipping tea sitting on the grass of your front lawn in the sunshine or star-gazing with some music. Make a bucket list, each point in the list corresponding to a moment you want to live. The moment belongs to you so you have complete control on how you want to shape it and how you want to live it. But when the time comes you must live that moment as you might never ever get a chance to do that again. Follow your heart and let it guide you to a better place. Depending on whether you want to share these moments with someone else, you may decide to live these alone with your thoughts or with someone special who can appreciate them like you do.

Stop worrying about what people are going to say or think. It is your life. Do as you please. Make yourself comfortable and happy. Cherish the little things. Notice the minute details.

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