(reblog) Never measuring up


Never measuring up.

Light another Marlboro. Puff. Puff. Puff. Inhale the soother. Numb your senses. Let your worries dissolve in the massive cloud of nicotine and tar and carbon dioxide.

Your body isn’t a temple.

Your mind isn’t a race-horse.

Each man for himself in this dog eat dog world. You lend an ear to everyone. You try to ease their pain. You’re there through and through but they don’t even text you back sometimes. You don’t even care because why should they? They have a life. They have a plan. They have God on their side. You. You’re not even on His speed-dial.

You kneel. You beg for forgiveness. You bawl. You cry your eyes dry. You ask for mercy.

For forgiveness.

For absolution.

For light at the end of the tunnel. But the tunnel goes on for miles and miles and miles and you’re not nearing an…

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