#2018 Begins

So it’s 2018. This one is different. I am studying abroad, perhaps at a good university and have people from different cultures, religions and nationalities to talk to. I’ve to spend a couple of years here and hopefully I’ll learn their language and customs. Maybe one day I’ll no longer be an outsider.

Here in this strange new world, I actually felt the year coming to an end. 365 days concluding, 365 lessons finishing. 2017 taught me so much.

I learnt that most people are superficial. I learnt that its okaye to refuse. I learnt that not everyone is meant to be your friend. I learnt that holding on and letting go are perhaps one of the most difficult things to do. I learnt that life finds a way somehow. I learnt that even in the deepest sorrows, we can rise above. I learnt that even from the darkest hours, we can emerge anew. I learnt that some memories aren’t worth remembering. I learnt that everyone has deep dark secrets and it’s okaye to not know what they are.

So as the year concluded, I told myself how I am going to use those lessons to make 2018 work for me. I personally wouldn’t say that 2017 was yesterday, because for me those 365 days felt like 365 days. Each day a struggle to pass and each day marking a memory for me.

I learnt to not put everyone else ahead of me, because happiness is rare and only some of us ever master the art of making it. If somehow I find some happiness, it’d be better to spend it on myself and the special person in my life. I learnt that time is extremely precious and we shouldn’t be giving it out for free to everyone. I learnt that some people only need you as a punching bag, as a pillow for their tears and as a source of entertainment when they are bored. Fuck them and Fuck their lives for I am not going to be used like that and eventually discarded.

2018 is not about goals for me. All the previous years were goals made and accomplished and forgotten. 2018 will be different, I will be testing myself and putting myself in non-familiar situations and hopefully will aim to break and build myself even better than before. 2018 is the year for trying everything that I possibly can.