Bucket List

I’m listing down a bucket list for myself to complete, I will cross out the ones with the approximate dates when i complete them. I do really hope i get the time and opportunity to get all of them before dying.


  1. Go Skydiving
  2. Go Paragliding
  3. Go Sky Diving
  4. Go Cliff Diving
  5. Go Rock Climbing
  6. Go Hiking <April 2013>
  7. Ride in a Helicoptor
  8. Learn how to Fly a Plane
  9. Learn how to Ride a Bike
  10. Learn Horse-riding <March 2017>
  11. Learn Swimming
  12. Go Underwater Diving
  13. Travel Around the World
  14. Travel in the Middle East
  15. Learn Japanese
  16. Learn French
  17. Shave Head for a year
  18. Lose Weight equivalent to Normal BMI <April 2017: BMI24>
  19. Lose Weight to Lowest Range of Normal BMI
  20. Start an Entrepreneurial Venture of my own
  21. Quit Coffee for a Year
  22. Quit Tea for a Year
  23. Pitch an Idea and Win something
  24. Earn someone significant’s trust
  25. Forgive and Forget all fights/misunderstandings
  26. Give someone special a Second Chance
  27. Give a friend a Second Chance
  28. Find Someone Special
  29. Lose Someone Special
  30. Give a 1000$ in Charity at once
  31. Feed Hungry for a Week
  32. Give Away my most loved possessions
  33. Buy Poor Children some Toys
  34. Donate Blood <August 2016>
  35. Volunteer at a Charity School
  36. Volunteer at an Orphanage
  37. Make Someone Depressed Laugh
  38. Be Someone’s Reason to be Alive
  39. Sing in-front of an Audience
  40. Learn how to Play a Guitar
  41. Learn how to Play a Violin
  42. Play Instruments in-front of an Audience
  43. Write/Compose a Song
  44. Buy my 1st Car
  45. Have built my 1st Home