07 January 2017

Dreams; #1- Drowning


  1. Separate page for Change-logs created.
  2. Home Page and About Me Updated
  3. Main Menu Updated

05 January 2017

Excerpts; #6- Nostalgia

28 Dec 2016

Excerpts; #5- Of Writers and Magicians

10 Dec 2016:

Dreams; #2 Waking Up in the woods

02 Dec 2016:

Excerpts; #3 Look For Her
Photography; A Nightmare Reality

01 Dec 2016:

Excerpts; #2 The Way She Smiled

Change-Log Posts will now be uploaded on a weekly basis instead of daily basis to reduce notifications to followers. Article “What Shapes Us” reassigned to Experiences category and Title is shortened.

29th Nov 2016:

Excerpts; #1 Anybodies and Nobodies

Home Page, Change Log, Font Changes, Added a Header Image, Added New Categories, Wish List Page added.

25th Nov 2016:


I’ve given a semi overhaul to the Home Page and added a new section over here and on the menu by the title of Change-Logs to keep track of changes I make on this blog. I’ve given the entire menu a complete redesign and added several new categories and links. I’ve updated the About Me page and given a new name of articles to “My Journal” . I am hoping to link my pictures and an inspiration page too soon enough. For now I’ve linked a food blog and my Tumblr here for everyone to see and contact me. I’ve updated my social media icons on the side widget as well.

Following are the new Additions/Updated Content to this blog:

  1. Change Log
  2. About Me
  3. Dear Diary
  4. Excerpts
  5. Traveling
  6. Photography
  7. Music
  8. Food
  9. Tumblr

I’ve consolidated the Lists under the List Tab which now also lists my Music Tumblr where I post sound-cloud links of my currently listening to tracks.